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Updated: Jul 25, 2020

The annual "Met Gala" is considered by many to be an iconic event that is part of the tradition in the fashion industry. Since 1948, every first Monday of May, the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art has been the stage where fashion and art dazzle.

Starting in 1995, the Met Gala is co-directed by Vogue magazine editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. This charity event became the perfect place where designers, celebrities expose creativity to the world with exclusive designs that are paraded according to the annual theme.

This year, Anna Wintour postponed the gala due to the world situation that we experienced as a result of COVID-19.

This is why we want to relive this important event for the fashion world a little, collecting some of the most striking designs and memorable moments in the last 3 years.

YEAR 2017

Rei Kawakubo: Art of the in-between

This year tribute was paid to Rei Kawakubo, designer and founder of Comme Des Garçons. It tried to express the essence of her complex and exquisite career in fashion and concepts such as good taste / bad taste, child/adult, masculine/feminine, among others that have been evidenced in the designer's collections were highlighted.

YEAR 2018

Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination

This year fashion and religion came together flawlessly. The concept portrayed the Catholic imagination through the years and was expressed through religious art, the celestial and the sublime.

(We think this edition is our favorite)

YEAR 2019

Camp: Notes of fashion

This theme was inspired by the Susan Sontag essay written in 1964 "Notes on Camp". The writer highlights the exaggeration, the artificial, and the unnatural mainly that are complemented by parody, theatricality in fashion, and irony.

¿which one is your favorite so far?


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