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Recently, exactly on Monday July 13, Rossethic’s website started posting. First, I want to thank you because you're taking your time to read me. Second, from the bottom of my heart I hope you become part of this website and the family that we are going to create. Let me explain a little more.

The idea which emerged Rossethic born more than four years ago, but for different reasons justifiable and unjustifiable, this page was not a reality.


What is this? What is Rossethic?


These are questions that I have received. Rossethic is basically a place to INSPIRE, inspire you and all the people who are attracted by this style. The main idea of this website is that every single day you can come here and see or read something interesting that is happening in the world. We will talk about topics such as fashion, beauty, books and opinion in general in order that you can find Rossethic as a cool site.

What content has Rossethic?


The first section is called English; here you will see all updates, both the content that will go up as what is happening in our major social networks.


The second section is called Categories; in the subparts are Style, #FavRsst, Trendy and Recommendations. In Style what you will find are post in which you will see a complete look determined and the explanation of why he was selected. In #FavRsst, you will see where what were the things that inspired us over the past two weeks. In Trendy, we tell you what goes inspire in most of the world. And finally in Recommendations, we will give you options for any kind of interest you find something that perhaps you might be interested or taste.


You’re going to see in our third section that is called Chit Chat, the reason for the name is that our primary goal here is to create a community with which we can provide feedback to each other and both leave knowing a little more. The Club is the first subpart, the idea is that later when the community has grown a little more, let us a goal to do something in common, either read a book, watch a movie, among others, to further discuss what we felt and what lessons left us. In the #Hashtag, we will publish the photos that you have tagged us and so we get to know each better. And finally in Ad Nutum, that means "At will" you can discover articles of opinion on any subject, the idea here is that you recommend us topics.


In the fourth section, Inspiration, you'll find images as you might think, the idea here is that inspires you, definitely a picture is worth a thousand words. They will be divided into Outfits, People, Quotes, Wishlist and Mermaid Thoughts.


In the fifth section, you run into all our social networks, so we hope you follow us and begin part of our community.

The sixth section will be the option in English. That actually you are in there, reading this.



The idea is that you also do part with your suggestions or opinions which will be very important to us.


I wholeheartedly hope you like it and become part of this community.

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